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Jagged Internetworks is a company founded to produce and promote sports and entertainment events on the Internet. The first sport we selected was cricket, because of my passion for the game. CricInfo, run by cricket fans dedicated to promoting and benefitting the game, and often the busiest sport site on the entire world-wide web, was the logical partner.

Jagged Internetworks' debut venture was live coverage of 1997's Champions' Trophy from Sharjah, in which teams from England, India, Pakistan and the West Indies played in a series of one-day cricket internationals. The cybercast was such a success that we have been able to broadcast many major cricket events since, including the Silver Jubilee Independence Cup, live from Dhaka, featuring the fiercest rivalry in modern day cricket - Pakistan vs India, and the thrilling England vs West Indies Test and One Day International series, with 29 days of play live from the Caribbean.

The next tournament was the Coca-Cola Cup; a three-way contest between India, Australia and New Zealand. The reaction was staggering. On April 24, CricInfo served 2,736,818 impressions in a single day. This not only demonstrates the continuing power of cricket as an international sport, but is also a testament to the quality of the matches themselves.

All these Cricket events were produced in association with Cricinfo - The Home of Cricket On The Internet . Employing Real Network's Real Player, our multimedia coverage includes a live (and archived) audio feed, and video highlights available on demand. This means you can watch the matches when you want, not when a TV broadcaster dictates. For example, you can log in any time to see Angus Fraser take 20 wickets for England in two Tests vs the West Indies, or Mark Ramprakash finally score his first 100 after eight long years, or see why Brian Lara turned from West Indian villain to national hero, or witness Tendulkar's 134 runs that helped India to defeat Australia in the Coca-Cola Cup final.

In addition, we have been using the very latest leading edge technology to bring you a hybrid of audio and video-- audio commentary accompanied by a slideshow of the matches (one frame every five seconds).

For those of you who don't understand the rules of the game, I urge you to take a moment and check this page first, before viewing the matches themselves. You'll discover why so many parts of the world regard Cricket as not just a sport, but a way of life.

Cricket is our first foray into sport coverage on the Internet, and we hope to be covering other sporting events in the very near future.

Hope you enjoy it,
Mick Jagger
London SW16


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